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Island Dog Coffee

The Scoob

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LIMITED RELEASE - Peanut Butter Cup
Medium bodied flavored with sweet milk chocolate and creamy, smooth peanut butter.
Scoob was born on the streets of Puerto Rico.  He was found at about a month old, living in a trash dumpster with is mom and 6 other siblings.  The amazing rescue that found them were only able to catch three pups.  The others and their mom sadly ran off.
Scoob, along with his sister and brother, were then fostered by the Sato Care Alliance in Puerto Rico for the next two months.  But as soon as they posted his photo the day of the rescue, we saw it and fell in love.  I immediately messaged them that I had to have him immediately.  2 months later after all of his vaccines and check ups...he was ready to take his freedom flight to Plymouth ma.  Now this little hot weather street dog is madly in love with the snow and loves to run laps around his older lab brother, in the yard.