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Island Dog Coffee

The Sailher

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French Roast with notes of dark chocolate and chestnut.

Sailher is a different type of “rescue dog”. She is an Aussiedoodle who was owned by a breeder specifically to give birth to puppies that could be sold. After her first litter, the breeders decided they didn’t like the colors of the puppies Sailher was producing, so they promptly dropped her at a shelter as she was no longer of use to them.

Denise and her husband Cesar saw Sailher’s story posted on a rescue organization's website and knew immediately they needed to give her a home. After being brought home, it became apparent that Sailher was most likely kept in an outdoor kennel for the entire two years of her life. She was terrified of the hardwood floors, the sound of the television, and even the grass in the backyard. It was all foreign to her.

With time and patience, Sailher began to feel comfortable and safe. She now runs freely through the grass in her yard, plays with the other dogs at her doggie daycare, and takes naps on Denise’s lap. Sailher is so much more than a tool to produce puppies, she’s a dog, a lovable, happy dog.