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Island Dog Coffee

The Millie

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A Medium Roast Morning Blend of Central and South American coffees.

In August of 2005, the city of New Orleans suffered one of the worst natural disasters in American history when Hurricane Katrina decimated the city. The number of dogs left homeless from this disaster was staggering. MIllie was found roaming amongst the debris. Wet, hungry, scared, and with no identifying tags, she was rescued and brought north, where she was adopted by a woman named Michelle on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. Michelle was overwhelmed with grief following the death of her dog Turtle.

At first, Millie was terrified of virtually everything. But with time, consistency, and an abundance of patience and love, Michelle showed Millie she was safe and loved, and Millie helped to heal Michelle’s broken heart. Millie spent the next 14 years living a life of never ending belly rubs, ice cream treats, soft pillows to sleep on, and love.

Millie passed away peacefully in 2020. Michelle said “Millie was my best girl, and my best friend for 14 years. I could not be more happy and grateful that we found our way to each other”.