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Island Dog Coffee

The Lulah

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Medium Roast with notes of milk chocolate, almond, and raspberry.

Lulah (short for Tallulah Mae) was found in New York along with several of her siblings. When they were found, they were in the basement of a home all locked into a single crate. Based on the awful conditions, it appeared as though they had not been let out of the crate in a very long time.

After a year in foster care, Lulah still had not found a home due to her being afraid of people and extremely anxious. When Lulah was about a year and a half old, a young woman named Tess came to “check her out”. Upon meeting, Lulah walked up to Tess and immediately curled up on her lap. According to Tess, Lulah hasn’t left her lap since. Lulah is now a happy, well trained, adventurous pup. Tess says “Lulah needed me, but that dog truly saved my life. She’s my soul dog!”