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Island Dog Coffee

The Duke

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Our Signature Coffee

Costa Rica
Light roast with hints of clementine, apricot, and grape.

In 2015, Duke was found wandering the streets of Puerto Rico. He was homeless, starving, and had a wire collar embedded so deep in his neck it was choking him. Luckily, he was saved by an animal rescue organization on the island. Duke underwent surgery to remove the embedded collar and was then sent to us, where we helped to nurse him back to health. Our entire family immediately fell in love with him.

Duke took to training very quickly and before long, he was certified as a Therapy Dog. Duke has spent countless hours comforting hospital patients, children in schools, stressed out corporate employees, and people struggling with anxiety and depression. He always leaves every person he meets feeling happier.

Duke's story, and others like his, are why our mission at Island Dog Coffee is so important. Duke was saved, and since then he has helped to bring comfort and happiness to so many people. Who knows? He may have even saved a life or two himself.

The world needs more dogs like Duke.