Our Friends

We are happy to introduce you to our featured pups and some new friends too!   Please send us a pic or two of your rescue and their story to be featured in the future.

  • Meet The Duke Himself

    In 2015, Duke was found wandering the streets of Puerto Rico. He was homeless, starving, and had a wire collar embedded so deep in his neck it was choking him. Luckily, he was saved by an animal rescue organization on the island. Duke underwent surgery to remove the embedded collar and was then sent to us, where we helped to nurse him back to health. Our entire family immediately fell in love with him.

    Duke took to training very quickly and before long, he was certified as a Therapy Dog. Duke has spent countless hours comforting hospital patients, children in schools, stressed out corporate employees, and people struggling with anxiety and depression. He always leaves every person he meets feeling happier.

    Duke's story, and others like his, are why our mission at Island Dog Coffee is so important. Duke was saved, and since then he has helped to bring comfort and happiness to so many people. Who knows? He may have even saved a life or two himself.

    The world needs more dogs like Duke.

  • Meet Millie

    In August of 2005, the city of New Orleans suffered one of the worst natural disasters in American history when Hurricane Katrina decimated the city. The number of dogs left homeless from this disaster was staggering. MIllie was found roaming amongst the debris. Wet, hungry, scared, and with no identifying tags, she was rescued and brought north, where she was adopted by a woman named Michelle on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. Michelle was overwhelmed with grief following the death of her dog Turtle.

    At first, Millie was terrified of virtually everything. But with time, consistency, and an abundance of patience and love, Michelle showed Millie she was safe and loved, and Millie helped to heal Michelle’s broken heart. Millie spent the next 14 years living a life of never ending belly rubs, ice cream treats, soft pillows to sleep on, and love.

    Millie passed away peacefully in 2020. Michelle said “Millie was my best girl, and my best friend for 14 years. I could not be more happy and grateful that we found our way to each other”.

  • Meet Sailher

    Sailher is a different type of “rescue dog”. She is an Aussiedoodle who was owned by a breeder specifically to give birth to puppies that could be sold. After her first litter, the breeders decided they didn’t like the colors of the puppies Sailher was producing, so they promptly dropped her at a shelter as she was no longer of use to them.

    Denise and her husband Cesar saw Sailher’s story posted on a rescue organization's website and knew immediately they needed to give her a home. After being brought home, it became apparent that Sailher was most likely kept in an outdoor kennel for the entire two years of her life. She was terrified of the hardwood floors, the sound of the television, and even the grass in the backyard. It was all foreign to her.

    With time and patience, Sailher began to feel comfortable and safe. She now runs freely through the grass in her yard, plays with the other dogs at her doggie daycare, and takes naps on Denise’s lap. Sailher is so much more than a tool to produce puppies, she’s a dog, a lovable, happy dog.

  • Meet Lulah

    Lulah (short for Tallulah Mae) was found in New York along with several of her siblings. When they were found, they were in the basement of a home all locked into a single crate. Based on the awful conditions, it appeared as though they had not been let out of the crate in a very long time.

    After a year in foster care, Lulah still had not found a home due to her being afraid of people and extremely anxious. When Lulah was about a year and a half old, a young woman named Tess came to “check her out”. Upon meeting, Lulah walked up to Tess and immediately curled up on her lap. According to Tess, Lulah hasn’t left her lap since. Lulah is now a happy, well trained, adventurous pup. Tess says “Lulah needed me, but that dog truly saved my life. She’s my soul dog!”

  • Meet Pedro

    Pedro and all of his siblings were found in a trash bag in 2016. A rescue organization saved them all and began looking for potential foster families for them. A woman who was recently widowed decided to foster ALL of the puppies as a way to distract herself during the holiday season.

    Pedro was then adopted by another family who put a bow on him and had him sitting under the Christmas tree for their young daughter on Christmas morning. He was her favorite gift that year. To that little girl, Pedro is a rescue from the North Pole!

  • Meet Billie

    Billie was homeless and living under the porch of an abandoned home in Georgia with another dog. One day, Billie was walking on a road when she was intentionally run over by a truck. Billie survived but her leg was badly broken and needed to be amputated. After recovering from her surgery, Billie was fostered by Allyson and her husband Dusty. Billie is now happy and safe and doesn’t let the loss of her leg get in the way of chasing a ball (or a squirrel). Billie is the definition of a survivor.

  • Meet Scoob

    Scoob was born on the streets of Puerto Rico.  He was found at about a month old, living in a trash dumpster with is mom and 6 other siblings.  The amazing rescue that found them were only able to catch three pups.  The others and their mom sadly ran off.Scoob, along with his sister and brother, were then fostered by the Sato Care Alliance in Puerto Rico for the next two months.  But as soon as they posted his photo the day of the rescue, we saw it and fell in love.  I immediately messaged them that I had to have him immediately.  2 months later after all of his vaccines and check ups...he was ready to take his freedom flight to Plymouth ma.  Now this little hot weather street dog is madly in love with the snow and loves to run laps around his older lab brother, in the yard.